Monday, December 28, 2015

Keels of the first two of 18 Project 22800 OPV laid 24 December at Pella Shipyard in St Petersburg

(Google Translation) The first ships of the project 22800 "Hurricane" and "Typhoon" will be part of the Russian fleet in the 2017th and 2018, according to the Russian newspaper, citing Deputy Navy Commander for Armaments Victor Bursuc.
"Small missile ships of the new project will be laid on December 24 the St. Petersburg shipyard" Pella "", - said the vice-admiral. According to him, "in the near future in various enterprises will be built more than a dozen ships a new project developed in St. Petersburg Central Marine Design Bureau" Almaz."
Bursuc explained that "the small ocean-class corvettes have a displacement of 800 tons,
can reach speeds of about 30 knots and autonomously perform combat missions at a distance of three thousand miles from the base."
"Among the advantages of these ships - high maneuverability, improved navigability and architecture of superstructures and body made of" stealth "technology", - he said. The ships will be equipped with domestic engines, their arms make cruise missiles "Caliber-NK" and modern artillery. As previously reported by Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov, only "planned to build at least 18 small missile ships of the project 22800".

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