Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Survey Launch for Chilean Navy

Official photo
December 11, 2015 (Google Translation) - In a ceremony headed by the Director General of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Navy, Vice Admiral Osvaldo Schwarzenberg on Friday, December 11, at the Yacht Club Higuerillas, incorporating Hydrographic Boat LH-02 was formalized and Hydrographic Service Oceanographic Navy (SHOA).
"This new boat has a hydrographic art equipment, which will, among other activities, perform tasks for research probing the seabed in detail, in areas close to shore, between depths of 10 and 200 meters, doing work in areas where it is difficult and risky access to larger ships, "said the Director of SHOA, Admiral Patricio Carrasco, in relation to the contribution of the LH-02 to work of the Service.
Subsequently, the Naval Academy chaplain, Father José Jarpa, proceeded to bless the new unit of the Service, entrusting, with his crew, the care and protection of God and the Virgin del Carmen, patroness of the Armed Forces.
After the ceremony, the naval authorities were invited to take a tour of the bay in the LH-02 field to meet the operational capabilities of this vessel.
Hydrographic Boat "LH-02", type Defender, is built with an aluminum hull; It is 8.2 meters in length; 2.6 meters maximum beam; displaces 3,713 tons and has engines that allow a maximum speed of 46 knots. It can be transported by road or air, if it is not possible to navigate to the workplace. Hydrographic equipment consists of a multibeam sonar, a motion sensor, a profiling probe SVP and additionally has the ability to work with a side scan sonar (SRL); all instruments which will allow detailed information to the seabed, in the near shore areas, which will contribute to further complement the information in the National Nautical Charting, developed by the Shoah.

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