Monday, December 28, 2015

Pella shipyard completes mooring and manufacturer’s trials of rescue tug SB-121

Pella photo.

St Petersburg December 18, 2015 - On December 14, Pella shipyard (Leningrad Region) completed mooring and manufacturer’s trials of rescue tugboat SB-121 (Project 02980), the shipyard says.
In the nearest time state commission will commence the acceptance procedure.
The serial tug is designed to perform ranged services: towing of seagoing vessels, floating units and structures in the ice and clean waters, supplying offshore facilities with equipment and materials, fast supply of personnel and goods, assisting construction at offshore facilities in the sea, participation in salvage operations, providing assistance to stricken ships, conduct SAR operations and evacuation of people, providing them with medical care, rescue operation in areas of shipping, offshore oil and gas fields, extinguish fires on floating and shore-based facilities, extinguish burning oil on the sea surface, and response to oil spills. 
Also the tug can assist in cargo transshipments at ports, operate on shallow waters and coastal shelf, support diving works. The ice class tug is able break the 1-meter-thick ice at a speed of 2÷5 knots and escort ships at speed of 10 knots. 
Major characteristics: LOA - 48 m, BOA - 13 m, draught – 5.4 m, speed – 14.5 knots, pulling power - 80 t, displacement - 1216 t, power - 2х2666 kW.
Leningrad Shipyard Pella was founded in 1950 and privatized in 1992. The holding incorporates a head company and a number of subsidiaries. The shipyard specializes in construction of tug boats for Russian customers.

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