Monday, December 28, 2015

Trends of Chinese naval vessels

December 26, 2015 (Google Translation) - December 23 (water) around 15:30, Maritime Self-Defense Force fourth air group affiliation of the P-3C is, check the China Navy Dondiao class spy ship one ship to the north eastward the waters outside of the Boso Peninsula, southeast of connecting waters I did.
Through around at the 26th (Sat) 11, the spy ship is in the same waters, it was back and forth in the northeast and southwest of direction to make sure that was sailing.
After that, the vessels is, between Miyakejima and Hachijojima I made sure that was sailing towards the southwest.
Dondiao class spy ship Beixing (851)
Performance particulars, etc. (Reference) Dondiao class spy ship (851) 
(Source: JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS '14 ~ '15)
Ship speciesDondiao class spy ship
Drainage volume6,096 tons (full load)
Full-length, full width, draft130.0 × 16.4 × 6.5m
The main armament37㎜ cannon × 1,14.5㎜ cannon × 2
organDiesel main engine × 2
speed20 knots
The number of deployment2 vessels

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