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Two segments decide the merits of the first ultra-Charles de Gaulle aircraft carriers


The figure for the mid to late 10 aircraft carrier construction schedule exposure, the following figure is the latest exposure of aircraft carrier construction schedule, the following line in the red part of the corresponding completed, the blue line is the original "Liaoning" ship hangar the front position. (Phoenix Military)
 Phoenix Army Military Review January 5
Following the end of 2015杨宇军Defense Ministry spokesman at a press conference when answering reporters' questions for the first time admitted that a second aircraft carrier is being made ​​in China , Dalian Shipyard, the online exposure to a suspected aircraft carriers out the latest pictures of the construction of the state.Exposure by comparing the mid to late 10's that picture is not difficult to find, this time aboard the aircraft carrier added a lot of hull section, the whole hangar has basically taken shape. But it is being continually adding hangar related segment is still aboard the ship is directly related to the stage of the merits of aircraft performance, and ultimately play a decisive role, is probably the next 1-2 segments installed .
After sealing decide whether two segments if there is a breakthrough new aircraft carrier
For the first ship of China-made aircraft carrier complete, its compared to "Liaoning" ship in the hangar structure adjustment, not only in respect of its own fighting force intended to compete with, but also indicates that China can not be good based on Soviet-style carrier research and development on high performance aircraft carriers. (Information)
By comparing the title figure of domestic construction progress second aircraft carrier is not difficult to find, since the state of the picture after the announcement in October, aboard the aircraft carrier construction focus is primarily on the back of staging hangar, and in front only add hangar of a segment. This is well understood, because although, as China's first aircraft carrier built from scratch, as compared aboard the aircraft carrier "Liaoning" very different from the structure of the ship, but still a lot of doubt on the hangar followed the "Liaoning" ship design. Thus, compared to the aircraft carrier "Liaoning" ship, improved hangar segment is undoubtedly much smaller than the change in the preceding paragraph, the construction difficulty is much smaller. In the hangar front, because the removal of the original tank missile brought forward hangar space to expand (not the original missile hangar bay and connected to related content see December 31, 2015 "Phoenix Military Review"), with the inevitable to major structural changes, no doubt raise a lot more difficult to build, and therefore bound to be more cautious when installation segment, but rather is the next front of the construction of the hangar, the aircraft carrier will decide on the merits of the underlying performance.
Title figure aircraft line graph is based on after December 31, 2015 "Phoenix Military Review" in the hangar to remove the missile compartment volume increased by 10% to make changes, while the blue line was "Liaoning" ship hangar was originally the front. The latest status of the aircraft carrier construction has reached the front end of the front segment island architecture, from the original "Liaoning" ship hangar front end only about two segments. In the next construction, if the existing structure built on the basis of the increase in the preceding two segments performed after sealing the hangar, the hangar structure of the ship remained aboard the aircraft carrier platform and "Liaoning" ship similar restricted in a similar hangar design, no more than the number of its aircraft carrier "Liaoning" ship more combat power is not stronger, Chinese aircraft carrier "Liaoning" ship on the basis of its own research and development will not achieve real substantive results. Conversely, if the new two segments in front after the existing structure, still new segment, it means that after the removal of the original tank missiles, hangar space really extends forward, the new Chinese aircraft carrier combat capability and design will be compared to the "Liaoning" ship has a key upgrade.
Large hangar will help China to follow US fighter squadron to deploy double
If China's aircraft carrier on the basis of the Soviet-style, with the ability to design and build a large hangar no missile carrier, this progress is legendary even in the "Ulyanovsk" numbers are difficult to compare. (Information)
Only aircraft carrier displacement by classification, "Liaoning" ship with its sister ship "Admiral Kuznetsov" is outside the United States Navy's only two large aircraft carriers. But in terms of actual combat capability, it can only reach the level of full-load displacement of at least 2 to 3 tons in France, "Clemenceau" class aircraft carrier with a displacement of more than the "Clemenceau" modest level "Charles de Gaulle" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is completely difficult compared to the number of carrier aircraft the most important reason is that a small Soviet-style aircraft hangar due to scarcity ("Kuznetsov" can carry 18 Su-Su-25, 18 33,5 helicopters, "Charles de Gaulle" can carry 24 to 30 Rafale M, 4 early warning aircraft, 5 to 6 helicopters). For China, the West can not be obtained in the case of medium-sized aircraft carrier core technology, only the existence of flawed design make improvements on the Soviet-style aircraft, one of the most critical, is undoubtedly the missile compartment by removing the hangar forward extended such that the horizontal displacement of the carrier aircraft, "Liaoning" ship like aircraft carriers, at least reach the level of "Charles de Gaulle" aircraft carrier.
If you increase the area of ​​simple hangar converted into the number of carrier aircraft, in accordance with the "Kuznetsov" maximum carry 20 Su-33 carrier-based computing, an increase of 10% of the hangar area representing an increase of only two Su-33 carrier-based machines, compared to "Charles de Gaulle" aircraft carrier carrying amount of the maximum 30 Rafale M's still a gap, but for the present stage of China, it has been enough. Because with about 22 F-15 carrying capacity, China has been able to follow the US model two fighter squadrons deployed on the aircraft carrier, the US military in general carry mode "Nimitz" class aircraft carrier, and is only equipped with two fighter squadrons. With the continuous improvement in the future China-made aircraft carrier aircraft capacity on this basis, China will be able to emulate the American model to add attack aircraft squadron, electronic warfare squadron, AWACS squadron and transport squadrons. From the technical point of view, China whereby the carrier on the basis of Soviet-style, with the ability to design and build a large hangar no missile carrier, this progress is legendary even in the "Ulyanovsk" Numbers are difficult to compare.
Aircraft carrier for China's significance has Needless to say, but with the rapid construction of a second aircraft carrier domestically, China's aircraft carrier is technically beyond the former Soviet Union gradually become the world after the United States aircraft carrier big country, until New Year's Day 2016 Later, we expect China-made aircraft carrier capable of beyond people's expectations of us.(Phoenix Phoenix Army Military Review Liu Chang)

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