Thursday, February 18, 2016

Almaz Unveils Project 23420 ASW Corvette


Google Translation

A small antisubmarine warfare ship is designed for conducting combat operations against underwater, surface and air adversaries, for guarding naval bases, for engaging enemy shore installations with artillery fire, for patrolling the state sea border and EEZ.
Displacement, t about 1,300
Dimensions, m about 75 x about 13
Speed, kt about 25 / 30
Endurance, days 15
Range, nm about 2,500
Complement, persons about 60
Version 1 Version 2
1 x diesel or diesel-electric propulsion 1 x diesel-gas turbine propulsion
2 x fixed pitch propellers 2 x controllable pitch propellers
1 x 76-mm AK-176MA gun (152 rounds) or
1 x 30-mm AK-306 gun (500 rounds)
1 x 3M-47 Ghibka gun ring
20 x Igla(S) MANPADS


2 x 12.7-mm machine-guns (2000 rounds)
1 x Paket-E/NK system (2 x launchers, 8 x torpedoes) or
1 x RPK-8E system (1 x RBU-6000, 48 x 90R ASW missiles and RGB-60 depth bombs)
2 x DP-64 grenade-launchers (240 rounds)
1 x Gorizont-AIR-S-100 unmanned aerial vehicle suite (2 x UAVs)
1 x Sigma-E CMS
1 x Pozitiv-ME1.2 detection and target assignment radar
1 x Gorizont 25 integrated navigation radar
2 x IFF 67R items
1 x Blokirovka suite
1 x MGK-335EM-03 sonar suite
1 x Anapa-ME anti-diver sonar or
1 x Lovat dipping sonar
1 x Vinietka-EM sonar]
1 x 120-mm PK-10 system (2 x launchers, 40 x rounds)
1 x Kama-NS-V navigation system
1 x Buran-E communications suite
Communication equipment complying with GMDSS requirements for A1+A2+A3 areas or
foreign-produce equivalent according to a customer’s proposal

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