Monday, February 8, 2016

Association of Old Crows Applauds Sen. Kirk Bill, S. 2486, The Electronic Warfare Capabilities Enhancement Act

Alexandria VA February 4, 2016 - The Association of Old Crows (AOC) applauds the introduction yesterday of S. 2486, The Electronic Warfare Capabilities Enhancement Act, sponsored by Senator Mark Kirk (IL). “The bill represents a tremendous opportunity for military and defense industry leaders and our community — the scientists, engineers, managers, operators, educators, and military personnel — to advance innovative Electronic Warfare (EW) systems and capabilities that are a prerequisite for successful military operations in the twenty-first century,” said AOC President, David A. Hime.
The @AOCrows Applaud @SenatorKirk Bill, S. 2486, The Electronic Warfare Capabilities Enhancement Act
S. 2486 represents an important step in advancing EW and Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Warfare to the forefront of defense reform. It establishes a positive framework to bring Congress and the Department of Defense (DoD) together to address important issues facing our national defense and military capabilities, especially the erosion of US EW superiority.
The AOC appreciates Senator Kirk’s long-standing support for the US EW community. “It is critical that the United States military dominates the offensive and defensive ends of electronic warfare,” Senator Kirk said. “This bill will give DoD and industry leaders the tools to quickly develop critical electronic warfare technology for the warfighter.”
We are facing new sophisticated challenges in the EMS due to the explosive growth of spectrum dependent systems (SDS), the global proliferation of highly innovative electronics technology, and the development of advanced cyber capabilities. “It is imperative that we find new ways to work together to accelerate development of EW systems and technologies and strengthen leadership at every level in DoD and our military services. S. 2486 helps direct our path toward these important reforms,” said Hime.

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