Thursday, February 18, 2016

Book "Chronicle of the Navy" Updated

February 17, 2016 - Reference book "Chronicle of the Royal Netherlands Navy" is back this time. Dutch Institute for Military History (NIMH) has used the reprint of the book are recent topics and dozens of illustrations to add. In some cases, texts to current insights modified or structured.

The new edition of the Chronicle of the Navy. 
Naval Forces Commander Lieutenant General of Marines Rob Verkerk today took the first copy. For everyone this reference is interested in the maritime history of the Netherlands a source of known and unknown facts.

Lieutenant General Verkerk received the first copy of Marc van Alphen and Adri van Vliet.
500 years of history

The Dutch navy has a rich past. Heroes and historical achievements are held in the Royal Navy until the day of honor today celebrated periodically and brought to the attention of foreign colleagues and associates.
Admiral Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter and his flagship the Seven Provinces, voyages of discovery, the treasure fleet by Piet Hein, the exploit of Van Speyk, privateering, mutiny, the battle in the Java Sea, maritime disasters, UN operations, the fight against terrorism, piracy and drug control, everyone has heard of or read about. In the updated reprint of the "Chronicle of the Royal Netherlands Navy ', the momentous events from over 500 years of Dutch naval history described day-to-day.
The "Chronicle of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Five Hundred Years of Dutch Maritime History "was written by Marc A. van Alphen, Anita MC Tiller and Adri van Vliet, P. (ed.) And has 498 pages. Publisher's The Batavian Lion. ISBN: 978 90 6707 6807.

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