Tuesday, March 29, 2016

ARM Cuauhtémo Departs for IBERO 2016 ATLANTIC

Mexican Navy

Mexico City, March 12, 2016 (Google Translation) - The ship ARM School "Cuauhtémo" (BE 01) set sail this morning from the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, to perform the Training Cruise "Ibero Atlantic 2016" with a budget of 252 naval elements to visit 18 ports in 14 countries with a mission to strengthen ties of friendship of the Mexican people with other nations and to bring a message of peace and gird Academic and cultural relations between the armed forces.
This instruction cruise ends on October 3, 2016. Note that in the various ports visited, the ship "Cuauhtémo" and his crew will participate in various nautical events, also will perform various inherent to the naval profession seamanship.
The farewell ceremony of the ship took place in the dock of the Eighth Naval Region and was chaired by Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberon Sanz, Secretary of the Navy, who was accompanied by Dr. Jose Antonio Meade, Minister of Social Development, representing the Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Mexican Armed Forces; as well as the General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Secretary of National Defense and Antonio Héctor Astudillo Flores, Governor of the State of Guerrero, among other civil authorities, naval and military.
By using the word, Admiral Navy Secretary said: "The cruise will provide its crew instruction necessary to ensure the safety and protection of our seas, tools" decisive for the country's economic development factors "; and he stressed that "this is how the Navy personnel prepares holistically and with naval quality education to meet the challenges facing our nation in an increasingly globalized world."
In this regard, said that "currently we connect sea with over 130 countries and over 490 destinations around the world, a condition that clearly shows the potential and the responsibility we have with our seas and the maritime sector; a sector that knows Mexico Navy ensures the safety and port maritime security, and prevent pollution in Mexican marine areas and safeguard human life of those engaged in national waters ".
Thus he dismissed the crew of the ship "Cuauhtémo", wishing him success in this mission entrusted to him and that his navigation at sea and steps in distant lands speak of honor, duty, loyalty and patriotism, supreme values ??that govern and identify "a Mexican Armed Forces. "
Meanwhile, the commander of Ship Sailboat "Cuauhtémo" (BE-01) resulted from departure to the Secretary of the Navy and the High Command of the Navy of Mexico, who said "aboard this unit area of ??our institution Mexico is all represented by elements coming from the different regions that make up our native soil, forming a multicultural crew. He added that "the cruise we are about to start also makes every element of the provision in an act with global responsibility and as military marine belonging to the Ministry of the Navy of Mexico very close to our society."
On behalf of his colleagues, Cadet of the Heroic Naval Military School, Leonel Gutierrez Vergara said starting a day's work in their training; and as a young Mexican, the best decision was to choose the naval profession, pursuing his career from a naval establishment that provides more than education, as it gives a way of life, a good present and a future to serve the country; thus he said, "leave high the name of Mexico, making the duty our best presentation".
It is important to stress that within the context of National Development Plan 2013-2018 the Government of the Republic, where it provides for a "Mexico with Quality Education", the naval education system makes this cruise in order that the fourth-year cadets increase and implement the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom, familiarizing them in a real environment with nautical terminology, strengthening the seafaring spirit through teamwork and sharing experiences with the navies of other countries, thereby obtaining extensive knowledge in navigating a sailing vessel and thereby maintaining the maritime tradition of the Navy of Mexico.
On this occasion, the winds will direct their sails and sail the seas with an itinerary that includes the ports of Acapulco, Guerrero; Balboa, Panama; Cartagena de Indias, Colombia; Havana Cuba; Baltimore and New London, USA; Halifax, Canada; London, United Kingdom; Hamburg and Bremerhaven, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Ambers, Belgium; Brest, France; Lisbon, Portugal; Cadiz and Las Palmas, Spain; Santo Domingo Dominican Republic; Balboa, Panama; ending its journey in its homeport: Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

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