Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Can YOU Name Our Ship?

Cammell Laird

March 23, 2016 - Cammell Laird is building a new polar research ship for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and they need a name for her!*
Currently, she has the working title ‘New Polar Research Vessel’ which is descriptive, but not very exciting. When she’s ready in 2019, the new ship will be operated by the British Antarctic Survey to work in the Polar Regions, and will join the NERC fleet doing world-leading science around the globe.
She will be deployed in both Antarctica and the Arctic, and will be able to spend up to 60 days in sea-ice at any one time to enable scientists to gather more observations and data. She will also be the first British-built polar research vessel with a helideck, which will open up new locations for science and will be one of the most sophisticated floating research laboratories operating at the poles.
Robotic submarines and marine gliders will collect data on ocean conditions and marine biology and deliver it to scientists working in the ship’s onboard laboratories. Airborne robots and onboard environmental monitoring systems will provide detailed information on the surrounding polar environment.
Now, NERC are looking for suggestions for a great name for her and want your ideas. Please submit your idea, a short explanation about why this name would be suitable for a polar ship and your contact details via
The best names will be put forward to an expert panel to select an appropriate name. If your suggestion is selected, you get the bragging rights of saying you suggested the name of the new ship! 

Cammell Laird
What sort of name do we need?

NERC will be applying to register her as a Royal Research Ship (RRS) so her name will be in the format RRS NAME.
Secondly, the name should be inspiring about environmental and polar science, to help tell everyone about the amazing work she does.
Finally, they don’t want it to be a name we have already used for one of our science ships.

Think you can help?

Have a look at the suggestions made so far and add your own here The closing date for all entries is 16th April 2016. The final name will be selected by NERC.
If you would like to tweet about the ship, please include the tag #NameOurShip
*Ships are traditionally referred to as female.

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