Thursday, March 3, 2016

China's first self-propelled floating dock conducts maiden voyage

The picture shows a scene of China’s "Huachuan No.1" self-propelled floating dock.

A warship is pulled into the "Huachuan No.1" self-propelled floating dock.

Beijing March 1, 2016 (ChinaMil) - China's first self-propelled floating dock "Huachuan No.1" recently set sail from the Pearl River, the third longest river in China, and completed its maiden voyage, indicating a major breakthrough in shifting China's large warship repair from set spots on the coast to mobility far out at sea.
"If a warship is damaged in wartime, Huachuan No.1 can sail to the incident waters and provide repair service to the warship timely," according to an expert commanding the maiden voyage. In other words, the use of the dock means that ships with minor damage will not have to be taken out of service, while those with severe damage will not have to return to a shipyard.
Except aircraft carrier, Huachuan No.1 can provide repair and support for most of the vessels currently commissioned in the Navy of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), including multi-type surface vessels such as large destroyers, frigates and comprehensive replenishment ships, submarines, and auxiliary ships under 20,000 tons.
The Huachuan No.1 self-propelled floating dock features larger size, larger lifting force and larger holding force than its predecessors, and is able to complete repair and support tasks in such bad condition as strong breeze and two-meter-high waves. Either as a movable arsenal or support vessel, the Huachuan No.1 self-propelled floating dock is a supplement to the traditional repair model. The floating dock has special repair, electric, benchwork and mechanic workshops at the bottom. And four stationary hoisting cranes are arranged along the portside and starboard, with the crane range covering the whole pontoon deck.
Huachuan No.1 is currently equipped with a complete set of repair units and is able to ensure all-round support services including failure detection and repair on the sea.
The failure analysis center on the floating dock is connected with an information network of comprehensive support. In case of rare and difficult problems, technicians and experts thousands of miles away can be contacted for remote consultation, so as to return the damaged vessels to combat capability as soon as possible.
It is learnt that China's first 25,000-ton-class floating dock Huangshan was completed in 1974, and the 300,000-ton-class Dalian and 200,000-ton-class Zhonghai Mount Jiuhua and Zhonghai Mount E'mei were also launched successively later. China's capability and technical level of manufacturing floating dock are getting more and more mature. 

A warship enters the Huachuan No.1 self-propelled floating dock for maintenance.

PLAN Zhaotong enters the Huachuan No.1 self-propelled floating dock for maintenance.

A warship is under repair in the self-propelled floating dock on the sea.

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