Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Navantia and Indra perform tests 'Hermesys' system for the Navy of Mexico

Navantia and Indra have been tested Factory acceptance of the first Integrated Communications Control System Hermesys for ocean patrol vessels of the Oaxaca class  that the Navy Mexico being built in its shipyards.
These tests, conducted on 23 and 24 February in the facilities of Navantia Sistemas in San Fernando, attended by officials from the Ministry of the Navy (Semar) , which also had the opportunity to see first hand what capabilities Navantia are e Indra and solutions, products and services they can provide.
This system is the first of a series of four and is contracted through Indra, acting as prime contractor against Semar.
The Hermesys is the first integrated communications control system based on technology 'Internet Protocol'. "It can be defined as the heart of a naval communications system and, through it, through which information flows between tactical positions and external communications system , " explained from Navantia. In addition, it implements internal communications capabilities that maintain tactical positions linked with each other and with other internal communications systems (automatic telephony, powered telephones, network OO.GG. etc ...).
The first system Hermesys has recently been installed in the Ship Sailing Union of the Navy of Peru , and is currently being manufactured these four systems for the Navy of Mexico and two for the Spanish Armada that will be installed on Ships Accion Maritima (BAM) under construction.

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