Saturday, March 19, 2016

Putumayo River II and Castilla Commissioned by Peruvian Navy

La Perla March 12, 2016 - In order to continue its important work on behalf of the communities of our Amazon, the Navy of Peru through the Industrial Services of the Navy - SIMA IQUITOS, presented the PIAS "Putumayo River II" and the gunship Fluvial BAP "Castilla" (CF-16), initiating the first social action campaign in the basins of the Putumayo, Napo and Morona rivers.

The ceremony said the national flag held in the premises of the "Lieutenant Commander Manuel Clavero Muga", Naval Station was headed by the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano Bellido, who handed the responsibility of the ship, its crew and mission, the Commander of the Itinerant Platform for Social Action with PIAS Sustainability "Putumayo River II" Lieutenant Oscar Cueva Melgar. Similarly, he did the same with the Commander of the BAP River Gunboat "Castilla" (CF-16), Lieutenant Commander Jerinson Alba Leyton.

Significantly, the Itinerant Platform for Social Action with Sustainability - PIAS, is a riverine unit equipped as a multi-sectoral platform on state agencies to the rural population in the Amazon River basin, where medical care professionals from the Ministry of Health will be offered Naval and "Cirujano Mayor Santiago Távara" Medical Center - CEMENA, providing assistance to adults and children in the specialties: general medicine, dentistry, nursing, pediatrics, and obstetrics laboratory. Also, to show that it is feasible to provide specialized health care to remote communities, it has implemented an Telemedicine, in which ultrasound and the doctor on board, observe the patient, in turn, is analyzed by specialists from the Center Naval medical in Lima.
Similarly, state agencies that provide counseling and care are: National Registry of Identification and Civil Status - RENIEC (registration of persons without documents and newborns), Comprehensive Health Insurance - SIS (medical care and registration for this service), specialists and psychologists of the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs - DEVIDA, social programs of the Ministry of Women information "Together" Pension 65, "Qali Warma" National School Feeding Programme National Programme for the Poorest Direct Support and the National "Cuna More" program. In addition, the module National Bank facilitates the collection of the monthly salary of teachers, which earlier caused a month without classes.

These unique and modern floating structures that are fast becoming emblematic of the Amazon boats are built in the Industrial Service of the Navy SIMA-PERU SA - SIMA IQUITOS.

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