Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Radar antenna for extreme weather conditions

Aarhus, Denmark March 7, 2016 - Terma steps up to global climate change challenges by launching a mid-life upgrade program for its COMPACT radar antenna range.
As regulations for energy efficiency are becoming more demanding and the occurrence of extreme weather phenomena is increasing, Terma has made a number of changes to its COMPACT antenna range that provide immediate benefits to current and future SCANTER radar users.
The upgrade introduces the following benefits:
Increased environmental performance to ensure operational system availability, even in high wind speed conditions such as typhoons and hurricanes; increased temperature range from freezing cold to tropical heat, higher UV radiation and moisture
Improved energy efficiency in accordance with future international standards
Enhanced maintainability due to structural upgrades
Revised maintenance procedures, based on long-term experience to increase though-life reliability and availability of the antenna system
On-site ‘do-it-yourself’ update kit
This mid-life upgrade program for the COMPACT antenna portfolio is part of Terma’s continuous quest for product improvement, increased reliability, energy efficiency, system availability and, ultimately, total customer satisfaction.
To date, in excess of 2,500 Terma antennas are operational across the globe as part of Terma’s SCANTER Radar Systems for the professional segment in VTS, coastal surveillance, and SMR applications globally.

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