Monday, March 28, 2016

Rolling out of sea tanker Akademik Pashin of project 23130 takes place at Nevsky Shipyard

Nevsky Shipyard

March 21, 2016 - On March 18, 2016 medium-sized sea tanker Akademik Pashin of Project 23130 was rolled out the covered shed of Nevsky Shipyard to be placed on the open staple for the pre-finishing operation which will prepare the vessel for the launching, the shipyard’s press center says.
The project is developed by Spetssudoproect, JSC. The construction of the Akademik Pashin tanker  is being carried out in accordance with the State Contract for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
The ship represents medium-sized sea tanker, steel, single-deck, with bulb fore end and transom aft end with forecastle and poop superstructures, double-hull near cargo tanks, with cargo hold in the middle part, with living superstructure and engine room in the aft end, with diesel single-shaft propulsion system, with bow thruster, with reinforced ice class Arc 4.

Nevsky Shipyard

The ship is intended for receiving, storage, transportation and transfer of liquid cargoes – diesel fuel, bunker fuel, aviation kerosene, engine oil, water; dry cargoes – provisions, naval and technical stores.
Sailing area – unlimited.
Major characteristics: length overall – 130 m; breadth overall – about 21 m; draught overall – about 7,0 m; deadweight at draught 7,0 m – about 9,000 t; maximum speed – 16 knots; endurance – 60 days; ship’s crew – 24+12; class notation - КМ     Arc4 [1] AUT1 VCS IGS-NG CCO Oil tanker (ESP) of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 

Nevsky Shipyard

Nevsky Shipyard, LLC is located 40 km away from Saint-Petersburg in the town of Schliesselburg on the left bank of the river Neva.  The Shipyard is one of the oldest enterprises of water transport in the northwest of Russia which started its shipbuilding activity since 1952. Nowadays the Shipyard builds sea and river vessels of various types and purposes and carries out all kinds of ship repair works. The slipway for vessels rising allows to launch and lift for repairs the vessels up to 150 meters long and dock weight up to 3,800 tons.

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