Saturday, March 19, 2016

Russian Navy Support a Fleet will add 14 Vessels in 2016

March 15, 2016 - Support Russian Navy fleet this year will receive 14 new supply vessels, told the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Dmitry Bulgakov on the occasion of the auxiliary fleet Service Day celebrated today
The deputy minister said that these include logistics support ship project 23120 "Elbrus", marine tug project 23470 "Sergei Balk" towing ship project 20360OS "Victor Teal", Marine self-propelled floating cranes, tugs raid.
"Today, as a part of the auxiliary fleet is registered 480 marine and offshore supply vessels," - quoted Dmitry Bulgakov Tass .
Last year, these vessels have been more than 370 thousand nautical miles, transported and served about 300 thousand tons of cargo, the deputy minister noted.
In 2012-2015, the auxiliary fleet received 52 new vessels - ships and raid tugs, self-propelled floating cranes, complex port service vessels (small tankers). In their construction much attention is paid to creating conditions for the crew, Bulgakov said that the service makes them "attractive and prestigious."
"Today is willing to serve on the new ships of the auxiliary fleet is much larger than we can take on the job", - said the deputy minister. He recalled that the crews on the auxiliary fleet, as a rule, are equipped with civilian personnel. Only in some courts, they consist only of the military or are mixed.
Today, the Russian Armed Forces celebrate the auxiliary service fleet, formed March 15, 1940. Auxiliary Fleet enters the surface forces of the Russian Navy and is designed to provide combat and the daily activities of its ships and units. Since 2011, the auxiliary fleet service is a part of the Defense Ministry of transport support department. It is subordinated to Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov.

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