Saturday, March 19, 2016

UANI Mourns The Passing of Meir Dagan

Times of Israel
New York March 17, 2016 - United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) today mourned the death of Meir Dagan, former Mossad chief, 71. Dagan was a longstanding member of UANI's Advisory Board and a beloved friend and colleague.
Born in 1945 to Holocaust survivors in modern-day Ukraine, Dagan emigrated to Israel with his family at the age of five. He served in the Israeli Army for 30 years, leaving with the rank of Major General. Dagan was appointed Director of the Mossad by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2002 and served until 2011. Under his leadership, the Mossad initiated a series of bold and creative actions that are widely credited with preventing Iran from quickly building a nuclear weapon.
Said UANI CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, "In my career in politics and policy, I have been privileged to meet many extraordinary people. Certain individuals stand out above all others - Meir was one such man. He was a rare figure of leadership and strength and sometimes even controversy. Meir was a visionary and tremendous custodian of his nation's security in a world increasingly devoid of serious leadership. Most importantly, he was also an extraordinary friend and mentor to me. I will miss him dearly.
"Meir Dagan's strong, smart and courageous leadership strengthened Israeli security and protected the world from a nuclear enabled Iran. General Dagan was deeply respected in America's intelligence community and worked closely with his colleagues here in a way that improved the security of the people of the United States as well as Israel. The lessons of the Holocaust were a constant reminder to General Dagan as he dedicated his life to making Israel strong. He kept a jolting picture in his office of Nazi guards about to execute his beloved grandfather as a constant reminder in his quest to ensure a secure future for Israel, " added UANI Chairman Senator Joseph I. Lieberman.

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