Thursday, April 14, 2016

ASW forces of the Northern Fleet searched for a conventional enemy submarine in the Barents Sea

Russian Navy
April 13, 2016 - Today a combat readiness exercise has been held in the Barents Sea by the anti-submarine forces of the Northern Fleet.
According to the scenario, a foreign submarine has been detected in proximity to the territorial waters of the Russian Federation.
An IL-38 aircraft from the airbase of the NF Air Force and Air Defence Army as well as Yunga and Snezhnogorsk small-sized ASW ships of the Kola flotilla were sent to the assigned zone for task performance. The exercise also involved other forces of the Northern fleet which perform combat training tasks in the Barents Sea.
The main objective of the exercise was to check the readiness of servicemen to perform alert missions. Such unannounced combat readiness inspections of the Northern Fleet alert forces are held regularly. 

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