Friday, April 15, 2016

Australia and Japan practise interoperability off Sydney

JDS Hakuryu (SS 503) from Wikipedia

April 15, 2016 - Royal Australian Navy and Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force counterparts have gathered in Sydney to conduct the bilateral Exercise NICHI GOU TRIDENT from 15-26 April 2016.
This exercise, which has been conducted between Australia and Japan since 2009, is an opportunity to develop and enhance the bilateral naval relationship by practising maritime skills and improving levels of interoperability between our two navies. This is the first opportunity to conduct the exercise off Sydney.
HMA Ships Ballarat, Adelaide and Success will take part in the exercise along with aviation elements including Navy’s 816 Squadron’s S-70B Seahawks and the Air Force’s AP-3C Orion and Hawk 127 aircraft.
Two Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force destroyers JDS Umigiri (DD158), JDS Asayuki (DD132) and one submarine, JDS Hakuryu (SS 503) will also take part.
The exercise aims to improve interoperability and mutual understanding between the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force and Australian Defence Force in selected facets of maritime operations.
The previous NICHI GOU TRIDENT was last held in Japan in October 2015.

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