Thursday, April 14, 2016

For disaster relief according to the Earthquake in the Kumamoto district

(Google Translation)

1. Overview of disaster relief
(1) request date and time
2016 April 14 (Thursday) 22 hours 40 minutes
(2) request source
Kumamoto Prefecture Governor
(3) request destination
Ground Self-Defense Force 8th division commander (Kitakumamoto)
(4) request Overview
(5) place of occurrence
Kumamoto Prefecture mashiki other
2. History of the disaster relief
 2016 April 14 (Thursday) 2126 time, occurred an earthquake to the Kumamoto district and the epicenter (magnitude 6.5), along with the start of the information collection, the same day 22 hours 40 minutes, land from Kumamoto Prefecture Governor for the Self-Defense Forces eighth division commander, there has been a disaster relief request in accordance with the lifesaving.
3. Correspondence of the Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces
(1) dispatched troops
42nd infantry regiment (Kitakumamoto), 8th Artillery Regiment (Kitakumamoto), eighth scouts (Kitakumamoto), 8th Squadron (high 遊原), 4th Artillery Regiment (Kurume), the western district Air Corps ( eye Tatsubara), the western district health Corps (Jianjun)
22 air group (Omura), the first air group (Kanoya)
8th air wing (castle), Nyutabaru Rescue Corps (Nyutabaru), Ashiya Rescue Corps (Ashiya)
(2) Dispatch scale
About 400 people
12 aircraft
8 vessels (waiting), one ship (in preparation)
LO personnel 6 people, LO vehicle check in
(3) The main support status
[14 (Thursday)]
21 hour 52 minutes The western district commissioner part (Jianjun) of LO (personnel 1 person) starting the the garrison towards the Kumamoto prefectural government.
21 hour 47 minutes ASDF eighth aircraft wing takeoff the F-2 × 2 aircraft base of (castle).
22 hours 02 minutes GSDF western district Air Corps (eye Tatsubara) UH-1 × 2 aircraft (image transmission unit) is taking off the garrison. 
Take off the garrison GSDF 8th Squadron (high遊原) UH-60 × 2 aircraft of.
22 hours 03 minutes MSDF 22 air group (Omura) of SH-60 × 1 aircraft take off the base. 
GSDF 42nd infantry LO (personnel 3 people) of the Regiment (Kitakumamoto) starting the the garrison towards mashiki office
22 hours 07 minutes Take off the base MSDF 72nd Air Corps (Omura) UH-60 × 1 aircraft of.
22 hours 19 minutes P-3C × 1 aircraft of MSDF first air group (Kanoya) is taking off the base. FAST-Force (personnel 6 people, vehicle 2 cars) in the eighth scouts (Kitakumamoto) is starting the garrison.
22 hour 27 minutes Take off the base ASDF Nyutabaru Rescue Corps (Nyutabaru) of U-125 × 1 aircraft.
22 hours 30 minutes Take off the base ASDF Ashiya Rescue Corps (Ashiya) of U-125 × 1 aircraft.
22 hours 40 minutes According to the rescue against the eighth division commander from Kumamoto Governor (Kitakumamoto) disaster relief request . 
Take off the base ASDF Nyutabaru Rescue Corps (Nyutabaru) UH-60 × 1 aircraft of.
22 hours 42 minutes FAST-Force (personnel 25 people, the vehicle 3 cars) of the 42nd infantry regiment (Kitakumamoto) is starting the garrison.
23 hours 15 minutes MSDF Sasebo District Headquarters (Sasebo) of LO (personnel 2 people) starting the the base toward the Kumamoto prefectural government.
※ The current posture GSDF 42nd infantry regiment (Kitakumamoto) (personnel 200 people), the GSDF 8th Artillery Regiment (Kitakumamoto) (120 people), the GSDF eighth scouts (Kitakumamoto) (personnel 30 people), the GSDF fourth Artillery Regiment ( Kurume) (personnel 40 people), the western district health Corps (Jianjun) (10 people)

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