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For disaster relief in accordance with the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake (17 00 currently)

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2016 April 24,
the Ministry of Defense
Underlined portion ※ The revision from the previous report
is ※ numerical values ​​is preliminary and may change in the future.

1. Overview of disaster relief

Request date and timeRequest sourceRequest destinationRequest Overviewplace of occurrence
2016 April 14 
(Thursday) 22 hours 40 minutes
Kumamoto Prefecture GovernorGround Self-Defense Force 
8th division commander (Kitakumamoto)
LifesavingKumamoto Prefecture 
Kumamoto district
2016 April 16 
(Saturday) 02 hour 36 minutes
Governor of Oita PrefectureGround Self-Defense Force in western direction 
Tokuka captain (Yufuin)
LifesavingKumamoto Prefecture 
Kumamoto district

2. History of the disaster relief

  • (1) 2016 April 14 (Thursday) about 26 minutes at 21, occurred the earthquake to the Kumamoto district and the epicenter (magnitude 6.5), along with the start of the information collection, the same day 22 hours 40 minutes , for the Ground Self-Defense Force 8th division commander from Kumamoto Governor (Kitakumamoto), there has been a disaster relief request in accordance with the lifesaving.
  • (2) 2016 April 16 (Saturday) around 25 pm 01, the Kumamoto local earthquake to earthquake (magnitude 7.3), along with the start of the information collection, the same day 02 hours 36 minutes , for the land from the Governor of Oita Prefecture Self-Defense Forces western district Tokuka captain (Yufuin), there has been a disaster relief request in accordance with the lifesaving.

3. Correspondence of the Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces

(1) dispatched troops

(Western army)
42nd infantry regiment (Kitakumamoto), 43rd infantry regiment (Miyakonojo), 8th Artillery Regiment (Kitakumamoto), 8th Tank Battalion (Kusu), eighth scouts (Kitakumamoto), the eighth anti-aircraft artillery battalion ( Kitakumamoto), the eighth communication Battalion (Kitakumamoto), 8th Squadron (high 遊原), eighth facility Battalion (Sendai), eighth logistic support regiment (Kitakumamoto), eighth special weapons protection Corps (Kitakumamoto), 40th infantry regiment (Kokura), 41st infantry regiment (Beppu), Tsushima Guard (Tsushima), 4th Artillery regiment (Kurume), 4th tank Battalion (Kusu), 4th Squadron (eye Tatsubara), second 4 logistics support regiment (Fukuoka), the fourth special weapons protection Corps (Fukuoka), the second anti-aircraft Artillery brigade (Iizuka), fifth facility Orchestra (Ogori), western Army infantry regiment (Aiura), the western district Tokuka Corps (Yufuin), the western district air Corps (high 遊原, eye Tatsubara), the western district communication group (Jianjun), the western district logistical support Corps (eye Tatsubara), the western district information Corps (Jianjun), the western district health team ( Jianjun), fifth land-to-ship missile regiment (Jianjun), Kengunchutonchi business Corps (Jianjun), etc.
(Northern army)
25th infantry regiment (Engaru), 26th infantry regiment (Rumoi), the second Artillery Regiment (Asahikawa), the second logistic support regiment (Asahikawa), the second anti-aircraft artillery regiment (Asahikawa), 11th infantry regiment (AzumaChitose), seventh Artillery regiment (AzumaChitose), seventh logistic support regiment (AzumaChitose), fourth infantry regiment (Obihiro), sixth infantry regiment (Bihoro), 27th infantry regiment ( Kushiro), fifth facility Corps (Obihiro), fifth logistical support Corps (Obihiro) , 10th infantry regiment (Takigawa), 18th infantry regiment (Makomanai), 28th infantry regiment (Hakodate), the 11th flight Corps (Okadama), 11th logistic support brigade (Makomanai) , the first Artillery brigade (KitaChitose), the first anti-aircraft Artillery brigade, (AzumaChitose), the northern district air Corps (Okadama), the northern district facility Corps (south Eniwa), the northern district logistical support Corps (shimamatsu), the northern district versus craft antitank Corps (Kutchan) , etc.
(North Eastern Army)
20th infantry regiment (Jimmachi), 21 infantry regiment (Akita), 44th infantry regiment (Fukushima), the fourth land-to-ship missile regiment (Hachinohe), sixth facility battalion (Jimmachi) , sixth Squadron (Jimmachi), sixth logistic support regiment (Jimmachi), the second facility Orchestra (Funaoka) , northeast direction air Corps (Kasuminome), etc.
(Eastern Army)
34th infantry regiment (Itazuma), the first facility battalion (Asaka), the first logistic support regiment (Nerima) , the second infantry regiment (Takada), 13th infantry regiment (Matsumoto), 12th Tokuka Corps (Utsunomiya), the 12th reconnaissance Squadron (Gen Soma), 12 anti-aircraft artillery Squadron (Gen Soma), the 12th facility Corps (Shinmachi), 12 anti-tank squadron (Shinmachi) , 12th helicopter Squadron (Gen Soma), 12th logistics support Squadron (Shinmachi),the first facility Orchestra (Furukawa), the second anti-aircraft artillery group (Matsudo) , the eastern district air Corps (Tachikawa),the eastern district logistical support Corps (Asaka) , etc.
(Central army)
36th infantry regiment (Itami), third Tokuka Corps (Himeji), third scouts (Senzo), third facility Battalion (Okubo) , third squadron (Yao), third logistic support regiment (Senzo) , 10th logistic support regiment (Kasugai) , 8th infantry regiment (Yonago), 17th infantry regiment (Yamaguchi), 46th infantry regiment (Kaita City), the 13th reconnaissance Squadron (Izumo), the 13th facility Corps (Kaita City), the 13th Squadron (Hofu), 13th logistic support brigade (Kaita City), 13 special weapons protection Corps (Kaita City), 14th logistic support brigade (Zentsuji), fourth facility Orchestra (Okubo) , Central district air Corps (Yao), Central district logistical support Corps (Katsura) , etc.
1st Helicopter Brigade (Kisarazu), flight school (Akeno)
The first air group (Kanoya), 22 air group (Omura), 31 air group (Iwakuni), 61 Air Corps (Atsugi), 111th Air Corps (Iwakuni), # 211 education Air Corps (Kanoya), second 1 escort Corps group (Yokosuka), third convoy group (Maizuru), fourth convoy group (Wu), the first convoy (Wu), riot facility Corps (Hachinohe) , Sasebo ZoOsamu depot (Sasebo), transport ship "Osumi", transport ship "Shimokita", destroyer "Hyuga", destroyer "Izumo", destroyer "and Magiri", destroyer "Atago", destroyer "drizzle", multi-purpose support ship "Amakusa " etc
Fifth air wing (Nyutabaru), eighth air wing (castle), Nyutabaru Rescue Corps (Nyutabaru), Ashiya Rescue Corps (Ashiya), the first Air Transport Squadron (Komaki), the second transport Air Corps (Iruma), third air transport Squadron (Miho), western aviation warning and control group (Kasuga), the second anti-aircraft group (Kasuga), third Technical school (Ashiya), western aviation facility Corps (Ashiya, Nyutabaru), reconnaissance air Corps (Baili), Misawa helicopter airlift Corps (Misawa), Kasuga helicopter airlift Corps (Kasuga), etc.

(2) Dispatch scale performance

About 26,000 people (a total of about 179,200 people)
107 aircraft (a total of 873 aircraft)
15 vessels (total of 120 vessels)

(3) The main support status

[23 days (Sat)]
17 hour 00 minutesBuild a 26,000 readiness.
◯  Ministry of Defense is about 180 people used as a recreation facility the private ship "Hakuo" that contract by the PFI method. Among them, transported by the Self-Defense Forces vehicle about 30 people from the shelter. 
◯  goods transport carried out in 115 locations (down 49 places). 
◯  implement the school lunch assistance in 46 locations (up one place). 
◯  carried out in 135 locations the water supply support (up 41 places). 
◯  implementation bathing support at 16 points (no increase or decrease). 
◯  implemented in nine medical assistance (up one place). 
◯  carried out in 13 locations the rubble removal (up 5 places).   
※ change from the previous day is in parentheses

◯ 23 (Saturday) of activity results
Activity contentActivity locationPerformance
LifesavingLife rescue and missing person
Minami Aso Village0 people
total: 11 people
Patient transportUki1 person
total: about 510 people
For the security
personnel transport
0 people
total: about 760 people
Rubble removal (13 locations)Aso, Kumamoto City, Nishihara village ,
About 2 km total: about 9 km
Livelihood supportGoods transport(115 places)Aso, Arao , Uki,
Uto, Kikuchi , Kumamoto,
Koshi City, Yatsushiro, Ozu-machi,
Kikuyo-machi, Tol-cho, mashiki, Misato-cho, Minami-mura
Total: about 33,000 sheets
Drinking waterAbout 106,500 this
total: this about 638,000
Daily necessitiesAbout 2,000 boxes
total: about 35,500 boxes
GroceryAbout 230,000 meals
total: about 708,000 meals
School lunch assistance(46 locations)Aso, Uki, Uto,
Kumamoto, Ozu-machi, Kikuyo-machi,
mashiki, Nishihara village, south-mura,
About 45,000 meals
total: about 572,000 meals
Water supply support(135 places)Aso, Uki, Uto ,
Kikuchi, Kumamoto City, Tamana, Ozu-machi , Kashima-cho, Kikuyo-machi,mashiki, Yamato-cho, Nishihara village ,south-mura, Yufu

About 900 tons
total: about 6,600 tons
Bathing assistance(16 locations)Aso, Uki, Kumamoto City,
Kashima-cho, Kikuyo-machi, Tol-cho,
mashiki, Nishihara village, south-mura
About 3,700
total: about 26,200 people
Tent support (5 places)0 Zhang
total: 32 Zhang
Medical support (13 locations)Aso, Uki, Kumamoto, 
Koshi City, Kashima-cho, mashiki
200 people
total: 1,450 people
[24 (Sunday)]
◯  of 24 days activity results during the counting

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