Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vietnamese ship ready for Komodo 2016 exercise

April 12, 2016 - Hospital ship 561 of the Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN) arrived in Padang City, Indonesia on April 11th for the 2016 Komodo multilateral naval exercise scheduled to take place from April 12th to 16th.
Having undergone procedures to prevent epidemics and a security check, the Vietnamese ship moved to its docking position in Teluk Bayur Bay under the instructions of the host's liaison officer and navigators. VPN Deputy Chief-of-Staff Colonel Le Xuan Thuy said doctors and troops of Ship 561 completed all preparations for the exercise with determination to fulfill their assigned mission.
The "Readiness and Cooperation for Peace” exercise will cover UN peacekeeping operations at sea, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief activities. Its “Brotherhood of courageous sailors” opening ceremony, and other activities, will take place on Wednesday in the city.
Previously, the Vietnamese engineering and military medical forces participating moved to Sipura Island, about 80 nautical miles from Padang city, to join civil engineering and public medical programs.
The People's Army Newspaper would like to present some images of the event:
Vietnamese troops practicing for the parade of Komodo 2016
Indonesian navigation ship guiding the Vietnamese naval ship to the docking position
The host's navigation officer (1st, left) working with Vietnamese officer
Hospital ship 561 taking part in the event.
VPN Deputy Chief-of-Staff Colonel Le Xuan Thuy assigning missions to engineering and military medical forces
The engineering and military medical forces moving to Sipura Islands
Ship JS ISE 182 of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) at the event
Participating fleets at the exercise

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