Thursday, May 12, 2016

ADMM+ maritime security FTX concludes

May 9, 2016 (PANO) -  Forces joining the ADMM+ maritime security and counterterrorism field training exercise (FTX) on May 8th moved to Changi Naval Base in Singapore, concluding the maritime security FTX.
During the maritime security FTX from May 5th - 8th, warships and aircraft were divided into three tactical groups. The groups participated in drill activities, such as advancing in formation, counter-intrusion training, chopper take-off and landing, search and rescue, ship supervision and escort, and more.
Advancing in vertical formation
Ship 381 of Vietnam participated in almost all the activities of the maritime security FTX. Forces of the ship skillfully applied OPERA software during the field training at sea, followed procedures strictly, observed tactical commands fully, and coordinated well with ships of other countries.
According to Naval Captain Nguyen Huu Duc, captain of ship 381, the contents of the drills were practical and suitable for all contingents, including Vietnam. While advancing at sea, Ship 381 followed all set tactical requirements. And all teams on board Ship 381 smoothly coordinated with each other to complete all exercise requirements.
Lessons learnt noted on board
The commanders of Ship 381 and the head of the Vietnamese contingent directed forces closely while participating in the FTX. All officers took good notes about lessons learnt.
Choppers and warships joining the FTX
Senior Lieutenant Colonel Duong Minh Hoa, Second-in-Command of Brigade 162, Naval Region 4, completed his initial assessment of the tactical advancing from Brunei to Singapore and of the participation in the FTX at sea. He said that Vietnam confidently joined all activities proposed by the FTX organizing panel. This was a practical exercise which closely mirrored the reality that Vietnamese forces often encounter at sea. So it taught good lessons to the Navy about training and holding future exercises. More assessments should be completed in order to gain more knowledge from the FTX experience, he said.
On May 9th, forces joining the ADMM+ maritime security and counterterrorism FTX continued activities in Singapore.
On May 10th, the FTX closes.
Translated by Huu Duong

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