Friday, May 27, 2016

Chinese warships conduct anti-submarine drill in South China Sea

The Chinese naval guided-missile destroyer Hefei hunts about at sea for submarines in an anti-submarine warfare training exercise in the South China Sea on May 26, 2016.

May 27, 2016 (ChinaMil) - An open-sea training taskforce under the South Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy conducted a round-the-clock warship-helicopter coordination anti-submarine operation drill in waters of the South China Sea from May 25 to 26. The task force entered the South China Sea via the Bashi Channel after conducting maritime drills in the West Pacific.
According to the backgrounds of the drill, submarines of the "blue army" quietly reached out and arrived at the sea area of the "red army", and warships of the "red army" in an anti-submarine formation performed sector search in this water for the submarines.
The anti-submarine force of the "red army" consisted of four surface warships, namely, the guided-missile destroyers Hefei, Lanzhou and Guangzhou, and the guided-missile frigate Yulin as well as three ship-borne anti-submarine helicopters. The submarines came from a submarine flotilla under the South Sea Fleet.

Torpedoes on the guided-missile destroyer Hefei get ready to attack underwater submarines.

The scale of this drill is the largest ever in anti-submarine drills the PLA Navy has conducted in recent years with the following three characteristics: first, the anti-submarine searching operation was carried out in a sea area of thousands of square nautical-miles; second, three types of submarine attacking weapons including rocket depth charges and torpedoes are used; third, the drill lasted 24 hours in which, reliabilities of anti-submarine equipment and servicemen’s capability of performing long-time duties got tested.
“This anti-submarine operational drill highlighting realistic confrontation aims to upgrade the taskforce’s capabilities including warship-helicopter coordination, firepower coordination and information sharing in anti-submarine warfare,” said Zhai Baoran, a commanding officer on the guided-missile destroyer Guangzhou.

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