Thursday, May 26, 2016

Corvette "Gremyashchiy", built at the Severnaya Verf, fully equipped with main engines (Google Translation)

TSAMTO, May 20. Completed loading the last two main engines on the corvette "Gremyashchiy" project 20385, built at the Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation).
As the press-service of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation", May 19, shipbuilders completed loading the last two engines in the aft engine room of the corvette. Earlier, in late April, to "Gremyashchiy" loaded engines in the engine room of the nose. Engines manufactured under the import substitution program at the Kolomna plant, which specializes in locomotive building diesel building and on the basis of their own scientific and technical developments. For the Kolomna plant this type of engine is a serial, it introduced a number of improvements in terms of performance, including increased reliability.
The main builder of the project 20385 Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" Alexander Ulyashev noted that after the installation of the engines on the ship builders will be able to complete the final assembly of the superstructure, electrical work, installation of systems of the power plant and general ship systems.
Descent "Gremyashchiy" on the water will be held in 2017. After the launching of its mooring and waiting for the factory sea trials.
Total construction of four corvettes conducted in Northern Shipyard: two (Gremyashchiy and Agile) - Project 20385 and two (Zealous and Tie") - for improved project 20380 on "Agile" in the coming months will end the formation of the body. Also this year, is expected to complete the formation of the two buildings of the project 20380 corvettes Projects developed CMDB Almaz - leading and the only Russian designer of high-speed boats, surface ships of small and medium tonnage, landing craft air-cushion vessels mine defense and ships and special purpose vessels and floating docks.
Multipurpose corvettes (escorts) are designed to detect and destroy submarines and surface ships of the enemy, ensuring the landing, as well as solving various problems in the near maritime zone. Accordingly, the ships deployed artillery, rocket and anti-submarine systems, and advanced radar systems. Additionally, the arsenal several corvettes and sonar systems. For the first time on a ship so small displacement installed a hangar, which can be placed one helicopter Ka-27. The presence of the helicopter significantly increases the possibility of detection and destruction of submarines, as well as performing other special tasks. Project 20385 ships are built using unique technologies that reduce their radar signature. With its original architecture and the use of composite materials in combination with special coatings, integrated into the housing missile weapons and antenna posts, corvettes have significantly reduced radar, acoustic and optical visibility. Applied in the construction of composite materials and alloys developed one of the world leaders in the creation of new materials - St. Petersburg FSUE "CRI" Prometheus ". They have been introduced yet in the construction of a series of corvettes Project 20380 corvettes four operating experience 20380 confirmed the correctness of the application of these materials, and fundamental design decisions.
·         Key Features Project 20385 corvettes: displacement - 2200 tons, length - 104 m, width - 13 m, speed - up to 27 knots, cruising range - 3500 miles, endurance - 15 days, the crew - 99 people.
·         Main propulsion: Two diesel-diesel unit 1DDA-12000.
·         Missiles: universal missile complex "Caliber-NK", anti-aircraft missile complex "Redoubt".
·         Armament: 100-mm gun mount A-190-01, two 30-mm anti-aircraft machine AK-630M.
·         Anti-submarine weapons: complex "package".

·         Aircraft Armament: antisubmarine helicopter Ka-27.

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