Thursday, May 26, 2016

Japanese Complain of Bad American Behavior on Okinawa


May 21, 2016 (Google Translation) - For the title, we will inform you that it has been carried out as follows.


Beginning, from Nakatani Minister, for the US civilian arrest incidents in Okinawa Prefecture, the occurrence of extremely brutal and violent incidents by the despicable act of the US civilian employees are outrageous, it stated that it is extremely regrettable, along with the protest strongly, it urged a thorough recurrence prevention of corruption among government and incidents of US military personnel, civilian employees.
On the other hand, from the Carter Secretary, this matter is a very tragic regrettable incident, as well as expressed their heartfelt apology to the deceased victims and bereaved families, there is a response effect that full cooperation in the investigation of the incident It was.

Both Ministers, along with the Japan-US alliance is to reaffirm that plays an essential role for the peace and security of the region, including the mitigation of the impact of the US military to the local, including Okinawa, the Japan-US alliance It was agreed to will continue to proceed with efforts to strengthen. In addition, both Ministers agreed to hold a Japan-US defense ministers at the time of the Shangri-La meeting.

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