Thursday, May 12, 2016

Life raft contract delivers improved safety

Survitec Managing Director Australia, Craig Johnson with Director General Maritime Support Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Commodore Stephanie Moles (photo: Bodie Hanrahan)

May 11, 2016 - With the safety at the forefront of negotiations, the Royal Australian Navy signed a five-year contract recently that ensured the fleet received the best inflatable life rafts with improved servicing requirements.
Under the contract with Survitec - a world leader in marine safety solutions - the existing fleet of inflatable life rafts will be replaced with leased commercial off-the-shelf inflatable life rafts.
The servicing interval was increased to 30 months - 2.5 times the current requirement.
Director General Maritime Support, Commodore Stephanie Moles said the leasing of life rafts ensured Navy had the flexibility to select the best product on the market at any time so as to maintain cutting edge capability while ensuring appropriate competitiveness in the market place. 
The deal also delivered more than $3 million in savings.
Commodore Moles said the contract had been the result of an innovative approach developed in-house.
"This contract is the way of the future for Maritime Cross-Platform Systems Program Office managed assets and items of supply," she said.
"The contracts being developed will deliver more effective and efficient sustainment through incentivized relationships with our industry partners."

The new approach signals a shift in the culture of the Program Office from transactions into performance based in-service support contracts, designed around systems rather than inventory.

A strategic sourcing approach will also introduce a range of innovative contracting arrangements for maintenance and supply support of equipment required for the delivery of Navy capability.

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