Thursday, May 12, 2016

Navantia signed a contract to build two ships for Australia

May 6, 2016 - Navantia and the Australian Government signed the contract for the design and construction of logistics ships, as well as their maintenance for an initial period of five years. Support vessels logistical AOR (Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment), are based on the "BAC Cantabria" built by Navantia for the Spanish Navy, adapted to specific requirements Australians.
These contracts include a significant share of the Australian industry will be responsible for the development of combat systems and communications, as well as some areas of logistics and cranes cargo deck with the firm Baker and Provan.
Regarding the maintenance contract, will be held entirely in Australia (New South Wales and Western Australia) through its subsidiary Navantia Australia and subcontractors with Navantia and has an excellent relationship since 2007, when it signed the first contract in Australia .
With this contract, Navantia strengthens its position as a designer on the Australian navy. These vessels will join the two amphibious ships (LHD), three destroyers (DDG) and 12 landing craft (LLC) also designed by Navantia. Navantia is proud of its participation in the development of Australian naval capabilities.
Navantia has a significant presence in Australia, including the Center for Technical Operations located in Adelaide which will be key to the development of future activities related to shipbuilding, bringing the experience and knowledge to address future projects.
Navantia remains fully committed to Australia and will continue to demonstrate its ability to deliver ships to the RAN. Navantia hopes to continue its collaboration with the Commonwealth and the Australian industry.

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