Monday, May 2, 2016

New Catamaran for China (Google Translation)

April 12, Wu CSSC built for the seven hundred fifteen largest catamaran "Rayleigh on the 10th," Shuangliu base in smooth water.
"Rayleigh on the 10th," composed of seven ? Yi Suo Shanghai branch detailed design, construction of Wuhan Shipbuilding Group, the total length of 82 meters, 32 meters wide type, design displacement of 5300 tons, will be built to meet the needs of scientific research and experiments related to the sea.
After this ship contract, Wu Shipbuilding Group in product planning, design, construction, management and other aspects of a comprehensive introduction of fine management concept, the implementation of well-organized, well-planned, precision design, meticulous construction, quality engineering and other "fine" management to ensure that the the ship fight to preserve our maritime rights and interests, protection of the marine environment resources vanguard. Since last year, started in September, seven hundred and fifteen leadership attaches great importance to the progress of the construction of this product, multiple-site office, inspection coordination; Owner supervision and expert groups, the Permanent Shuangliu base, and the arms ship alongside employees; ? Yi Qi Suo engineers to overcome difficulties, well-designed, with supervision and CCS surveyor Please follow to track acceptance. Wu Shipbuilding Group, the project as a key product, overall advantages of resources, to guarantee period, the quality of security. Through the tireless efforts of all parties, the production of the ship before launching construction work has been completed, the owner of 312 CCS projects are successfully passed acceptance, product rate a product 100%, X-ray inspection a passing rate of 99.5% ultrasonic testing a passing rate of 99.3%. Only a short period of seven months would achieve completeness water.

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