Monday, May 2, 2016

Project 20385 Gremyashchy to Have Domestic Power Plant (Google Translation)

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April 29, 2016 - Corvette "Gremyashchy" project 20385, is being built by order of the Russian Navy will be equipped with engines of domestic production
In St. Petersburg shipyard "Severnaya Verf" started work on loading and installing on the corvette "Gremyashchy" (Project 20385) of the ship main engines of domestic production.
The main engines are produced Kolomna plant in accordance with the technical requirements of the High Command of the Navy as part of the import substitution program surfaced in military shipbuilding. According to the Navy's mission, the Central Marine Design Bureau CMDB "Almaz" and employees of the company "Severnaya Verf" were made the appropriate calculations, allows an efficient integration of the domestic engines without breaking the design characteristics of the corvette. 
Installed on the corvette "Gremyashchy" type engine is standard on the Kolomna plant. However, the Navy decision, this type of propulsion systems made improvements, allowing to improve the quality parameters of performance. In total, the corvette "Gremyashchy" in May will be installed 4 engine.
Early delivery allows the main engines on schedule to complete the construction works ship superstructures mounted power the ship and its life-support system.
It is planned that the descent of the corvette "Gremyashchy" on the water will be held in 2017. 
At the request of the Russian Navy at the plant "Severnaya Verf" built 4 corvettes. Corvettes "Gremyashchy" and "Agile" are based on the project 20385, corvettes "Strict" and "zealous" - Project 20380.  
Multipurpose corvettes (escorts) are designed to detect and destroy submarines and surface ships of the enemy, ensuring the landing, as well as solving various problems in the near maritime zone. On corvettes are armed with artillery, rocket and anti-submarine systems, and advanced radar systems. The possibility of basing on the corvettes of this helicopter project greatly improves the ability to detect and destroy submarines and carry out other special tasks. Project 20385 ships are built using technology that reduces the radar signature of the ship into the sea.
Key Features Project 20385 corvettes: Displacement - more than 2000 tons. Length -. 104 m Width - 13 m Speed ??-. Up to 27 knots. Cruising range - about 4,000 miles. The crew - 99 people. Armament: Universal missile complex "Caliber-NK" .Zenitny missile complex "Redoubt". Armament: 100-mm gun mount A-190-01, two 30-mm anti-aircraft machine AK-630M. Anti-submarine weapons: complex "package". Aircraft Armament: ASW Ka-27PL (Ka-27PS).

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