Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tug Comanche Update

COMANCHE at Tyee Marina, May 5, 2016

NOW HEAR THIS! We have had long on-going DC auxiliary problems, since November, 2014. It appears now the best way to rectify the problem is to remove the port side auxiliary generator from the 6-71 diesel engine to better facilitate repairs. We feel the repairs can be made in the engine room if the generator can be maneuvers around. Because we rely on our own qualified volunteers who also have real jobs and only a few hours a week to volunteer on COMANCHE, this could take a couple of months. It may even take some money for parts or off ship repairs. (The port 6-71 runs fine.)
This means, of course, without auxiliary power to run the steering, capstans, etc. we are unable to get underway. (The main propulsion systems works fine.) Thus we are canceling our cruising schedule through May and June. Comanche will remain at Tyee Marina, Tacoma, WA until the project is completed. As soon as we are able to get underway with confidence the systems are operating adequately, we will do so.
Also, we would like to begin the rebuild of the starboard 6-71 auxiliary generator engine. It is an independent system that has been down for a number of years. Intent being to have both auxiliary power systems up and operational this summer. The 6-71 engine on this side needs rebuilding. We have most of the spare parts.
COMANCHE will remain open to visitors during this time and volunteers are welcome to lend their hand in these mechanical projects. Good learning opportunities here! Overnight or longer accommodations aboard for those of you coming from a distance who would like to stay aboard.
In the mean time we will need to continue to raise funds to pay insurance, etc. Without your cash support COMANCHE would be “dead in the water.”

Donations can be made to COMANCHE 202 FOUNDATION, 403 Garfield Street S., Tacoma, WA 98444. All donations are tax deductible. (253) 227-9678

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