Thursday, June 30, 2016

US acknowledged the superiority of Russian weapons in the Arctic

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June 29, 2016 - American National Interest magazine ("National Interest"), introduced readers to a list of weapons that can be successfully used in the Russian Arctic, and have little or no competition in any other army in the world.
Icebreakers. This is the most important vessel for access to the Arctic. Russia has the largest and most powerful icebreaker fleet in the world. Warming does not melt the entire Arctic ice, but will make it less space, and the veil - a moving and unpredictable. For access to any place in the Arctic Ocean will continue to be possible only with the use of powerful icebreakers, which provides the possibility of Russian strategic planning over the entire area of the region.
Submarines "Shark." The most powerful for today nuclear submarines if they are not champions in low noise, but can carry a huge arsenal of weapons. Created back in the 80 boats, according to US experts, to this day it remains the most important force in the Arctic.
MiG-31. Operating from bases along the coast of the Arctic, the MiG-31 (Foxhound by NATO classification), based at the legendary MiG-25 can control a vast territory. Soviet interceptor was originally created as a killer of American bombers and quite able to cope with this task. Now videoconferencing Russia have 200 MiG-31 and actively recreate a network of Arctic airfields for their home.
Tu-95 / Tu-142. I feel in the Arctic, at home TU-95 bomber carries strategic and anti-ship cruise missiles. Its naval version - Tu-142 in addition to the patrol function is trained to hunt submarines. With a combat radius of more than three thousand miles, the Tu-95 is capable of operating outside the land and carrier-based fighters outside the reach that extends its combat capabilities.
Special Forces. The Russian secret services have long been ready for a war in the Arctic. Even during the Cold War, the Soviet special forces practiced attacks on NATO facilities in Norway, the Faroe Islands, in Iceland. In recent years, Russia has stepped up training of special units designated for deployment in the Arctic. Submarines, aircraft and surface ships can deliver these units in any area where they are ready to capture and hold designated object, to explore, to disrupt enemy communications.

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