Thursday, July 28, 2016

Engility Awarded $38 Million Dollar Contract to Provide NAVAIR Airworthiness Contractor Support Services

Engility Holdings, Inc. today announced the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Airworthiness and CYBERSAFE Office has awarded the company with a $38 million contract to provide a range of technical services supporting aircraft safety-of-flight determinations and preparing the resulting flight clearances.
@Engilitycorp announced the NAVAIR Airworthiness and CYBERSAFE Office awarded the company with a $38M contract.
Engility’s team of skilled professionals will collaborate with the Airworthiness and CYBERSAFE Office to deliver services and products to NAVAIR and the warfighter. The team will conduct research and analysis and make recommendations regarding aircraft airworthiness. Engility also will convert Navy flight and technical information manuals to a digital format, making them fully accessible on electronic and mobile devices. This program office also develops the policies and criteria for certifying aircraft and weapons systems for their cybersecurity posture, and Engility will provide the engineering support to perform these services.
Engility received the Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee contract, which includes one base year and three additional one-year options, in the second quarter of this year.
“This new work builds upon Engility’s long-standing system engineering support to NAVAIR,” said Engility CEO Lynn Dugle. “We are proud to be selected to help develop the next generation of digital management solutions which will accelerate the delivery of flight safety documents to the Fleet.”

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