Friday, July 1, 2016

Legacy services closure dates reminder

Legacy services closure dates reminder

This is a reminder to partners that end of life date (30 December 2016) is now approaching for the following legacy services
  • Inmarsat B (Land and Maritime)
  • Aero Mini-M
  • Government Land GAN and Land Mini-M
  • Maritime Mini-M
Partners were reminded not to activate new customers for the above services on 30 September 2014.

What is 'EOL'?

'End of Life - EOL' is the time when the terminals associated with the retired services are deactivated on the network and the services are no longer available to customers.

Why is Inmarsat ending legacy services?

We are ending these services since they have been replaced by newer ones offering higher speeds, cost effective and flexible tariffs, and superior quality, accessed through smaller and lighter terminals.

When will these services 'EOL'?

EOL dates for the retired services are scheduled for:

Service nameDate of EOL
Land and Maritime Inmarsat B30 December 2016
Government Land GAN30 December 2016
Government Land Mini-M30 December 2016
Maritime Mini-M30 December 2016
Aero Mini-M30 December 2016

What should partners offer to customers?

Any remaining customers should be offered an upgrade to the following services:

Service nameRecommended Replacement Service
Land Inmarsat BGSPS services
Maritime Inmarsat BFleetBroadband
Government Land GANFor any recommendation on Government replacement services please contact your Inmarsat account manager
Government Land Mini-M
Maritime Mini-MFleet One
Aero Mini-MSwiftBroadBand

What happens to the service fees & charges?

Partners should also be aware that normal fees & charges continue to apply while any terminal is active on the network and the respective service is in use.

Who should partners contact for further information?

For further information, or to discuss migration plans for your customers, please contact your Account Manager.

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