Wednesday, July 27, 2016

NAVANTIA signs a major contract for the provision of services to the Australian Navy


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July 13, 2016 - Navantia has signed on July 13 in Sydney a relevant contract with the Department of Defense of Australia (CSAG) to provide services to its Marina, which is an important step in the firm commitment of Navantia in that country.
It is a framework agreement, with defined rates, which will enable Navantia Australia provide engineering services, technical assistance, supply of spare parts, etc. directly to the customer (CASG) in the environment of ships and boats LCMS LHDs landing, which Navantia has designed and built mostly to Australia.
This contract is very important for the interests of Navantia Australia, as it establishes a direct channel of service with the Australian Navy, which will further strengthen relations and open new business opportunities for services to be primarily from Australia.
To Navantia, this contract represents another step in the direction of increasing local capacity and deepen as a reliable supplier in Australia. Also is a boost in confidence in Navantia Australia.

Navantia is currently competing for the future Sea 5000 program nine frigates for Australia, contract of great importance, and this step contributes to a better position in Australia to qualify for this opportunity.

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