Thursday, July 28, 2016

Navy Warfare Development Command Releases Supporting Arms Coordination Doctrine

July 7, 2016 - Navy Warfare Development Command published the latest Navy tactics, techniques, and procedures (NTTP)/Marine Corps warfighting publication (MCWP) as a guide for commanders, staffs, and fire support personnel involved in supporting arms coordination, July 7.
NTTP 3-02.2, Supporting Arms Coordination, consolidates into a single source the basics of amphibious operations and the processes involved in planning, coordinating, and executing fires to support those operations.
"It articulates Navy and Marine Corps fire support coordination tactics, techniques, and procedures and delineates the tactical organization, planning, and coordination of sea-based aviation and ground support," said Lt. Col. Guy Ravey, NWDC Doctrine action officer. "This doctrine is also aligned with the latest joint procedures."
The Chief of Naval Operations has assigned NWDC responsibility for  overseeing the development of service doctrine to ensure doctrine development is iterative, considers current capabilities, force structure, proven processes, and fielded material systems. NWDC aligns doctrine development initiatives with higher echelon force development and force generation lines of effort, and represents Navy equities in the development of naval, joint, multi-service, allied, and multinational doctrine.

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