Thursday, July 28, 2016

Russia is developing a sonar system for the protection of the Arctic

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July 20, 2016 (RIA Novosti) - Russian defense enterprises develop sonar system for the protection of the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, it can detect the "enemy" ships and submarines at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, the newspaper "Izvestia" referring to the representative of the Defense Ministry, familiar with the situation.
"Now there is a study of the project of the new system. The works should be completed in the next year, and after approval by the Ministry of Defence will start its deployment ", - quotes the interlocutor edition.
It is reported that due to the secrecy of the source declined to name the exact timing of system availability and the place where it will be deployed, but explained that the fully deployed system is able to cover the area of ??hundreds of kilometers.
According to the newspaper, the head developer acts recently included in the composition of the group of aerospace defense "Almaz-Antei" Corporation Space Systems Special "Comet", in cooperation with which the project is attended several dozen enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex.
"The task is quite complicated. It is necessary to create three contour: marine, space and ground. Marine - a sonar buoys and underwater sensors, to eliminate the atmosphere and transmit the data to the space satellites circuit. Ground loop - a management system that already will analyze the information received and provide its users ", - said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

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