Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tall Ship BAP Union in Matarani

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As part of operational training on the coast for the benefit of the provision in aspects related to maneuvers at sea as well as the familiarization of officers and crew in their various operational areas, on July 12 he arrived at the Port of Matarani in the district Islay in the region Arequipa Ship sailing BAP "Union".
During the journey undertaken in four days of sailing and two in port (10 to 15 July), the crew showed effectively the high degree of operability that has the BAP "Union" Peruvian unit considered the largest ship of its kind in Latin America.
Upon arrival at the said port in the south, the crew led by Captain Gianfranco Polar Figari, was met with band of musicians and dances. In the welcoming ceremony was attended by the Regional Governor of Arequipa, Yamila Osorio Delgado; the Mayor of Arequipa, Alfredo Zegarra Tejada; the Regional Governor of Tacna, Omar Jimenez Flores; the Regional Governor of Moquegua, Jaime Rodriguez Villanueva; the General Manager of the International Terminal South - TISUR, Gabriel Monge Aguirre; the General Commander of the Navy, Admiral Edmundo Deville del Campo; Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral Mauro Cacho Armero; the General Commander Pacific Operations, Vice Admiral Jose Luis Paredes Lora; and the Commander of the Third Naval Zone, Rear Admiral Adolfo Tirado Paredes, among other personalities and guests.

On board the flagship naval unit, the local and national media participated in the press conference, in which Captain Gianfranco Polar Figari unveiled the itinerary compliant, and various activities and functions performed by the crew of the sailboat. It is important to mention that on 27 July, this unit will make its first cruise abroad, bringing the message of unity and brotherhood to ports where he arrives. On board, young Naval Cadets form their seamanship skills, such as discipline, leadership, science and technology, implementing the knowledge acquired at the Naval School of Peru.

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