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The history of "viper": boats stand up, and the money floated

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July 7, 2016 - The major share of funding for the "all-round support of the Naval Forces of Ukraine" will go to the company, controlled by Petro Poroshenko, whereas they produced "raw" boat has not yet been incorporated into the fleet.

The history of "viper": boats stand up, and the money floated

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking on Sunday July 3 in Odessa at the celebrations commemorating the Day of the Naval Forces, declared that "it is now a part of the Naval Forces of Ukraine will include two armored artillery boat".
The event is truly remarkable when you consider that the previous new warship corvette "Ternopil" Naval Forces of Ukraine was adopted over 10 years ago - 16 January 2006 , however, as often happened, the words of the president not all untrue, so he himself immediately I had to add that "the boat was transferred today to the battle-tested on setting into service." Thus, officially confirmed the information that has become publicly known in mid-November last year, when at least a festive atmosphere in the territory of PJSC "Plant" Lenin's smithy "These boats were lowered into the water. Then some media hurried to notify that they are "on their own went to the Black sea, which will be included in the Naval Forces of Ukraine". However, for the many yellow-blue balloon could not hide the lack of boats, not only the power plant, but also almost the entire set of equipment and weapons, including a navigation radar, integrated system communications and navigation, sensors detect the laser irradiation and optronic fire control system.

The history of "viper": boats stand up, and the money floated

Screenshot reportage from the ceremony of launching the first boat "Gurza-M" for the Naval Forces of Ukraine. November 11, 2015

It soon became clear that the recent Ukrainian marine applications yet to completion of the Odessa dockyard "Shipyard Ukraine" (the former shipyard named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Ukraine), which is part of the SE "Odessa Commercial Sea Port", after which she passing state tests will be admitted to the fleet. The implication was that this would happen to the Day of Naval Forces of Ukraine - July 3, 2016 Ukrainian military were so convinced that, pending the completion of the test, in April of this year, Deputy Minister of Defence, Lieutenant-General Igor Pavlovsky said that "the Defense Ministry ordered the factory has four similar small armored artillery boat, and within the next month will be laid two more boats of a different class, "in which experts identified amphibious assault ships of the project" Centaur ". However, after 8 months after the boats have left his native Kiev enterprise, it was reported that "during the test and the firing revealed numerous shortcomings in the armored structure, so the fleet can not take them into service in such a way. Now the test suspended to eliminate mistakes." As a result, at the festival with the participation of the President of Ukraine had to limit ourselves to the official assignment of the ships names -. "Berdyansk" and "Ackermann" that Poroshenko somehow considered "settlements, symbolizing our martial and national unity" Along the way, it turned out that, although in the February 2016 boats took to sea trials, they are still deprived of many essential components, and even some of the equipment during transportation in Odessa has been damaged or lost. The main problem was the failure of supplies naval electro-optical fire control system Artillery small and medium caliber "Owl" development and production of the State Enterprise "Research Institute" Quantum ", mainly specializing in maritime subjects, whose losses in the January 1, 2016 amounted to 3,761 mln., while wage arrears exceeded 15 million USD. Only in February and March to Odessa from Kiev were sent both sets of "owls" who do not even have passed factory testing, and in a very "raw" state. This, according to experts can "move" the timing of operation of the first two boats in the fall of this year, and even at the beginning of the next. Another problem became sensors detect laser light, which to "Crimean spring" supplied Feodosia official optical plant. in order to accelerate the replacement process order was also referred to the "Quantum", the technical requirements from the Ministry of Defense reduced, so the boat got sensors in the land, not the sea execution.

The history of "viper": boats stand up, and the money floated

Both boats mounted sensors detect laser (circled in red), and only one - ECO MSA "Owl" (circled in green), the radar of Furano (circled in blue). March 2016

Western radar Furano also been imported SE "Spetstehnoeksport" after the departure of boats to Odessa. How this "innovative" approach to bringing to mind the state of combat marine equipment affected the overall cost, judge does not take one, but the delay timing can easily be ascertained by comparison with the same small anti-submarine ship "Ternopil" that left "Lenin smithy" September 23, 2005 and completed the acceptance tests after 3.5 months, although it had a more complex structure than the ill-fated boat. Enough bad omen is the fact numerous claims for boats and equipment of similar types that come from exploiting them for several years, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Last negative point in the history of the Ukrainian "viper-M" is associated with the prospects of its application and, accordingly, the need for order. According to the technical project of the boat project designed to carry combat watch in the border waters of the shallow waters - rivers, lakes and coastal marine area, patrolling and protection of water lines, as well as to combat the small-sized ships and to facilitate landing and borderline groups. In general, it is a good boat to combat smugglers. This complex task is responsible weapons and local protection in the 4-6 mm of armor, which, however, it is not sufficient to counter the Russian Navy, which implies a new Ukrainian military doctrine. Evil tongues insist that "Gurza" went solely due to the fact that its manufacturer is "Lenin's smithy", the owner of which - the current President of Ukraine. At the same time they are reminded that both the test current boats should have been delivered Naval Forces of Ukraine at the end of 2013, but due to the poor quality of the plant works, "Lenin's smithy" in the December 2013 MOU terminated the contract, planning to transfer the construction of these boats to another company. Construction was resumed in the autumn of 2014 as "extraordinary military order", the need for which is highly questionable. At the same time the information on the payment of "Lenkuzney" penalties for missed deadlines and failure to comply with the first and second and no government contracts, though such sanctions necessarily provided as contracted. In fact, in November last year, in exchange for additional funding for the company were transferred to the military president unfinished housing, remaining from the previous unfulfilled state order. This is confirmed by the analysis of the main indicators of financial and economic activity for 2014 and 2015, which is quite a significant improvement. So the net loss was reduced by 28 million. UAH., And a workforce grew by 54 people and reached 378. At the same time 125 million. UAH. reduced current financial liabilities that miraculously coincided with the fact of launching unfinished boats. Is it any wonder that the same Poroshenko, speaking on July 3 in Odessa, was extremely dissatisfied "software Naval Forces of Ukraine needs," noting that "Measures taken by the Cabinet Ministers, Ministry of defense and the General staff, at present do not satisfy the needs of all-round support of the naval forces of Ukraine ". After all, the main share of funds will go to an entity controlled by him ...

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