Monday, August 8, 2016

Shark Marine Technologies’ Navigator Diver-held Sonar and Navigation System, Selected by Denmark

July 22, 2016 - The Danish Navy has selected Shark Marine Technologies’ Navigator, diver-held sonar and navigation system.  Divers will be able to cover expansive MCM area searches as well as shallow water security operations. With Denmark’s selection Shark Marine now supplies 18 of the worlds navies with the original Diver-held Navigation system.  


The Navigator enhances the capabilities and safety of divers.  While the sonar and navigation features of the Navigator are its main attributes, each system may also be equipped with a number of optional mission-specific sensors and imaging systems including video cameras, metal and radiation detection devices, underwater and surface communication links, supplemental positioning systems, beacon locators and more. 

The Navigator's DiveLog software brings all of this collected data together in one program where it is time-stamped and geo-referenced.  The powerful but user friendly software provides a report editor that will summarize the entire mission into an easily exportable file for review.

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