Saturday, September 3, 2016

Final Departure & Enduring Friendship

New Fleet, New Capability

The Sailing off Ceremony for RNOV Khassab held on 20 July 2016, marks the historical moment where the fourth and final patrol vessel (PV) for the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO), set sail for her maiden voyage home to the Said Bin Sultan Naval Base in Wudam, Oman. RNOV Khassab and her sister vessels, RNOV Al-Seeb,RNOV Shinas, and RNOV Sadh were designed and built by ST Marine, under the Al-Ofouq programme. These vessels are named after various cities along the Oman coastal area. Al-Seeb is a coastal fishing city, located several kilometers northwest of Muscat, in northeastern Oman; Shinas is a coastal town in northern Oman, Sadh is located in Salalah; and Khassab is a coastal city located in Musandam Governorate and overlooking the Strait of Hormuz.
Cities along the Oman coastal area from which the ships are named after

Under a shower of blessings, the sail off was a mixture of joy and nostalgia as management and members of ST Marine’s project team bade a fond farewell to the Captain and crew of RNOV Khassab. In preparation for the 13 days voyage to Oman, the crew underwent three months of intensive training at ST Marine Benoi Yard, Singapore. This included training for individual systems as well as team training. Upon arrival at Oman, RNOV Khassab will undergo further trials and inspections before she will be deemed operationally ready to be deployed for a myriad of missions and operations to up-keep the sovereignty and security of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Sultanate of Oman.
While this is Bon Voyage for RNOV Khassab, signifying as well the closure of the local phase of the Al-Ofouq programme, where much treasured memories had been created, this is certainly not the final good bye. As aptly noted by Mr Ng Sing Chan (President, ST Marine), ST Marine will remain eternally grateful to the RNO for believing that a modest shipyard in South East Asia is able to design and build these fine ships that will ensure the Sultanate of Oman’s interest and sovereignty can be best met. ST Marine will always strive to continue serving the interests of the RNO, who will always be a valued and esteem customer.
ST Marine will always be a friend, ever willing and ready to meet your needs. So for now, Bon Voyage and ST Marine look forward to and will continue to support the RNO in many years to come!

Key milestones since contract endorsement of the Al-Ofouq programme on 9 April 2012:

VesselPlate CutKeel LayLaunchingDelivery
RNOV Al-Seeb17 Jan 201328 Mar 201329 Jan 201431 Mar 2015
RNOV Shinas25 Jun 201305 Sep 201317 Jun 201410 Sep 2015
RNOV Sadh25 Sep 201306 Jan 201417 Sep 201407 Jan 2016
RNOV Khassab21 Feb 201420 May 201405 Feb 201524 Jun 2016
RNOV Khassab leaving ST Marine Benoi Yard, Singapore for Oman
Mr Ng Sing Chan (President, ST Marine) presenting a framed photo of the ship crew to Lieutenant Commander Al Abri Zahir Mohammed Hamdan, Commanding Officer of RNOV Khassab

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