Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dutch war graves in Java Sea disappeared

November 15, 2016 (Google Translation) - Unknown cause appear three Dutch war for the coast of Indonesia in whole or in part of the seabed disappeared. It involves naval ships perished during the Battle of the Java Sea on February 27, 1942.
Flagship Hr. Ms. De Ruyter. (Photo: NIMH) 
These allowed more than 900 Dutch and over 250 Indian-Dutch soldiers buried at sea.Among them Rear Admiral Karel Doorman.Amateur divers found the ship back in 2002.
The wrecks of Hr. Ms. De Ruyter and Hr. Ms.Java seem completely missing. Hr. Ms.Kortenaer missing a large portion. The government has taken note of the message.Research must show what happened to the ships.

Sonar Recordings

An international diving team noted the disappearance. That was engaged in an expedition in view of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Java Sea next year. The so-called Karel Doorman Fund wanted as tangible recognition for survivors put a plaque in the vessels. The foundation intended thus to underline the status of wrecks as a war grave. The divers found it encouraging and sonar recordings show the imprint of ships on the sea floor.
Hr. Ms. Java. (Photo: NIMH) 

serious offense

Wrecks of warships are the final resting place of killed soldiers and are thus war.Desecration is a serious offense. The Karel Doorman Fund informed the surviving veterans of the battle over the loss. The next of kin have been informed.
Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert has noted with concern the disappearance. "The Battle of the Java Sea is part of our collective memory. The wrecks are silent witnesses of this tragic event and set the stage for the many stories about the horrors of war but also the camaraderie between people on board. "

Battle of the Java Sea

An Allied squadron departed on February 26 1942 from Surabaya to prevent the Japanese invasion of East Java. The flotilla led by Rear-Admiral Karel Doorman consisted of Dutch, British, American and Australian naval vessels. At the meeting with the Japanese fleet on February 27, 1942 north of Surabaya were the third Dutch naval ships Hr. Ms. Kortenaer, Hr. Ms. Java and flagship Hr. Ms. De Ruyter sunk.

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