Friday, November 25, 2016

Navy put into service a new logistic support vessel in Cartagena

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November 24, 2016 - Military ceremony will be held tomorrow at 5 pm at the Naval ARC "Bolívar" Base, chaired by Mr. Admiral Leonardo Santamaria Gaitan, Commander of the Navy, with Mr. General del Aire (RA) Jose Javier Perez Mejia, Deputy Minister of Defense for Corporate Social Group and GSED, and Welfare, and the naval command, will serve the Navy's new ship Logistics Support ARC name "Gulf of Morrosquillo".
This is the fourth ship of its kind built in Colombia by the Corporation of Science and Technology for Development of Shipbuilding, Maritime and Fluvial - COTECMAR response to the need for the Navy to strengthen its naval fleet units’ shallow draft that can reach inaccessible areas, to increase state presence and to provide care to the most remote populations.
The ARC "Gulf of Morrosquillo" will become part of the Flotilla of Surface Caribbean under operational command of the Naval Force of the Caribbean, to develop maritime and riverine operations security and defense missions, humanitarian assistance operations for disaster control, military operations area control, logistical support and amphibious landing, among others. its ability to transport vehicles and heavy machinery stands and containers, refrigerated cargo, ro-ro cargo and liquid cargo (water and fuel).
As the first commander of the ARC "Gulf of Morrosquillo" he was appointed Lieutenant Commander Carlos Alvarado Fabian Carvajal, who will lead a crew of 13 people between officers and NCOs. Godmother of the new ship is Mrs. Elisa Beltrán de Santamaría, wife of Commander of the Navy.
The ARC "Gulf of Morrosquillo", named after one of the most important geographical features of the Colombian Caribbean, located between the departments of Sucre and Cordoba, with attractions like Punta Mestizos, Cispatá Bay and Boca de Tinajones. It is the second ship with this name in the Navy.
The ARC "Gulf of Morrosquillo" has a length (L) of 49 meters, a beam (width) of 11 meters, a maximum speed of 9 knots, an average draft of 1.50 meters, accommodation capacity of 15 crew, transport up to 36 people; It has doctor's office and hospital ward to serve four people; It can carry more than 20,000 gallons of water, 21 gallons of fuel and 240 tons on deck. Has a ramp on the bow that allows loading and unloading of equipment and heavy machinery in places of difficult access and a hydraulic crane with lifting capacity up to 15 tons, so that the burden of large containers is possible.

With the entry of the vessel ARC "Gulf of Morrosquillo" to the naval fleet in the Caribbean, the Navy increased its capabilities and reaffirms its commitment to safeguard human life at sea, to exercise military control of the area, providing logistical support, lead missions disaster management and humanitarian assistance, among others.

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