Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Russian Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Korolev holds meeting on military shipbuilding

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October 13, 2016 – The Admiralty (St. Petersburg), Russian Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Korolev had a meeting with the First Vice President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (JSC "USC") Leonid plow.
During the meeting, and the meeting, which was also attended by heads of relevant departments and areas of the High Command of the Navy and USC, discussed further cooperation on the surface and underwater shipbuilding in favor of the Navy. In particular, they discussed the development direction of building surface warships far sea zone, as well as the application path in the short term, on the surface shipbuilding gas turbine units (GTA) domestic production. They discussed the whole type series created and built warships, as well as nuclear and non-nuclear submarines.
Admiral Vladimir Korolev Leonid Strugov discussed in detail the issues of implementation of state defense order in the interests of the Navy on the criteria of timeliness and quality.
The parties agreed to further close cooperation in matters of implementation of the State program of military shipbuilding.

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