Monday, November 7, 2016

Saab Presents Its Underwater Warfare Solutions at Euronaval

October 17, 2016 - Defense and security company Saab displays its wide range of underwater warfare solutions at Euronaval 2016 in Paris. With new systems and technology, Saab is ready for the underwater challenges of the 21st century.
The underwater challenges facing modern navies are becoming increasingly broad and complex: mines, improved explosive devices (IEDs), acts of terrorism, and incursions by hostile vessels and submarines. In response to this, Saab has developed a world leading range of versatile underwater systems to help forces protect their waters while minimizing risk to personnel.
“Militaries around the world have been focusing on effectiveness, seeking flexible systems that enhance operational efficiency by supporting multiple missions. We will present our response to these emerging needs at Euronaval”, says Anne-Marie Vösu, head of Saab’s business unit Underwater Systems.
At Euronaval, Saab will display the Anti-Submarine Warfare training system AUV62-AT, the Mine Reconnaissance System AUV62-MR, the Multi-Shot Mine Neutralization System MuMNS and the latest solution for Anti-IED operations, SeaWasp.

“The systems we are showcasing are designed to improve customers’ operational efficiencies by offering flexible solutions. This allows modern militaries to meet their needs in changing maritime security environments, and so helps crews stay one step ahead in life-threatening situations. Our AUV62-AT and SeaWasp, which are both currently being used at the Unmanned Warrior Exercise, are two examples of these ground-breaking systems”, says Anne-Mari Vösu.

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