Thursday, November 24, 2016

Two boats 21980 project transferred to the Northern Fleet


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November 24, 2016 - As reported November 23, 2016 JSC "Shipbuilding plant" Vympel "(Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region), in the Northern Fleet in Gadzhiyevo State Commission signed an adoptive act on the two counter-sabotage boat project 21980 (" Rook "code) with serial numbers 01221 and 01222 (on-board numbers "669" and "699"). These are the first two boats 21980 project of construction of "GCC" Vympel "commissioned by the Russian Navy.
Transferred to the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy the first two counter-sabotage boat project 21980 (code "Rook") Construction of "" Vympel "Shipyard with serial numbers 01221 and 01222. Gadzhiyevo (c) of JSC" Shipbuilding plant "Vympel" 
The press release goes on to say that at the signing ceremony, Deputy commander of submarine forces of the Northern Fleet, Rear Admiral Konstantin Kabanets congratulated the company on the successful completion of the tests, and stressed the quality of construction and finishing boats, reliable set of technical means.
Tests boats were on the outside of acceptance Gadzhiyevo base in the Arctic Circle. Full range of factory performance and state tests was performed, during which confirmed all the declared performance characteristics boats.
Order-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, the boat with factory number 01221 was named "Yunarmeets Arctic."
Soon, will be raised on boats naval flags, and "Grachata" built by JSC "GCC" Vympel "will begin to bear service in the Northern Fleet.
Comment bmpd. JSC "GCC" Vympel "concluded with the Ministry of Defense of Russia January 20, 2014 the state contract 3/1/1/0014 / GK-14-DGOZ to build six counter-sabotage boats Project 21980 (serial numbers 01221 to 01226 on). The first two boats under the terms of the contract must be submitted to the Northern Fleet in 2016. The contract value of boats built with serial number 01222, according to the materials of 2015 on public procurement the company is 911 925 507.86 rubles.
Head Rybinsk "Rook" with serial number 01221 (in the building had several U-340) was launched on 7 June 2016, and the second with the serial number 01222 was launched July 22, 2016.
Rented November 23, 2016, the two boats were the first units of the project 21980 built of "GCC" Vympel ", and the whole 11th and 12th boats like" Rook "in the Russian Navy, and the first boats of this project in the Northern Fleet. Previously, from 2010 to 2014 the Russian Navy received ten counter-sabotage Project 21980 boats (seven were built by JSC "Zelenodolsk plant named after AM Gorky" in Zelenodolsk and three - at JSC "Eastern Shipyard" in Vladivostok). 

Of the five boats are in the Black Sea Fleet, three - the Pacific Fleet, and one - in the Baltic Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla. Contracted to build another 12 boats type "Rook" - four at JSC "Shipbuilding plant" Vympel "in Rybinsk, three - at the Zelenodolsk plant, and three - in the East shipyard.

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