Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wreck diving in front of Santorini

December 7, 2016 - Surrounded by an impressive panorama of steep mountain slopes, covered with white houses and their blue shining roofs, the dive group of the mines hunting boat "Fulda" prepares for a training dive.

Minivans start to dive ahead of Santorini.
: Dive before an impressive backdrop (2016 Bundeswehr / Florian Holzhüter source)Enlarge image
After the rescue boat has left the hunter, captain Michael Montag and Lieutenant Florian Holzhüter meet for the final dive. The dive operator takes away the safety handles. On the command "Three, two, one, off!", The two miners can fall backwards into the 20 degrees warm water of the Aegean Sea in November.
Wreck in the deep of the sea.
Minentaucher discover old wreck before Santorini (Source: 2016 Bundeswehr / Florian Holzhüter)Enlarge image
With visions of 30 meters and more, they already see the reason for the descent, at the commanded depth of 15 meters. They tare themselves and dive along the coast along the 15-meter-deep line, as defined in the mission discussion. On her right rises the steep bank of volcano rock, to her left is the deep blue nothingness. Water depths of 200 meters and more right next to the coast are not uncommon and require special attention from the divers.
Suddenly in front of them opens in the coastal structure a plateau , on the shadowy outlines are recognizable. As they get closer, they are equally fascinating and ghostly. Upright how to best times at sea, is the wreck of an old Lastenschute on the plateau .
Minigans inspect the wreck.
Minentaucher inspect the wreck (Source: 2016 Bundeswehr / Florian Holzhüter)Enlarge image
The discovery of this wreck is a special stroke of luck. It was not listed in any sea chart, so a targeted search would have been the proverbial needle in a haystack. Some things you experienced in his diving career only once, this dive is certainly to , tell Lieutenant Monday.
Now, extreme caution is required. It is so dangerous to dive at wrecks. Sharp-edged metal splinters and unstable cavities are the rule rather than the exception. A just been tempting bullseye can be a deadly trap. Gently, the divers move along the chute and document their find with an underwater camera.
The meterlange wreck stretches into the depths of the sea.
The meter long wreck extends into the depths of the sea: (source 2016 Bundeswehr / Florian Holzhüter)Enlarge image
At the stern of the sunken ship, the reason for his downfall is revealed. Behind the intact bridge structures, a bizarre chaos of bent pipes, metal splinters and surrounding debris parts becomes visible - a heavy explosion must have sealed the end of the gun, also this is documented. One look at her dive computer shows the two professionals that it is time to end their dive. Back to the water surface, they will report to the dive operator of their fascinating find.
Back on board the "Fulda" the video material is evaluated. An additional research on the Internet reveals that the gun was probably blown up in the Second World War, in order to evade them from the Allied access. The position is only known to local divers, who pass them on to one another.

The dive group of the "Fulda" will remember for a long time to a fascinating dive, as only a few divers is allowed.

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